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"Because the world needs more than a clever slogan."
Eli Dupree has a new website, at http://www.elidupree.com/. Ze is no longer maintaining this website, and will take it down if and when the same creative works are available at zir new site.
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Useful Stuff

Over the time I've spent in the online world, I've run into a few utility websites that aren't as well-known as Google or Wikipedia. For the benefit of humanity, I list them here. (If you know any other websites that should be listed here, please e-mail me.)

  • An archive of the text of many web pages throughout their history. Useful if a page has gone missing, down temporarily, or information has been deleted from it. Also useful to keep in mind before putting information on your website that you might not want someone to find eventually!
  • Bugmenot - Bypass Compulsory Registration! If you ever run into a site that requires you to register before viewing or downloading information, just hop over to BugMeNot and get a free login and password so you don't have to go through the egregious process.
  • A way to directly download videos from YouTube and its ilk.