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"Because the world needs more than a clever slogan."
Eli Dupree has a new website, at http://www.elidupree.com/. Ze is no longer maintaining this website, and will take it down if and when the same creative works are available at zir new site.
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These are the contents of a sketchbook I kept for a high school Drawing I class. They are presented in the order I drew them.

  • This is my chair. That's right, the very chair I'm sitting in as I write this annotation. My sweatshirts happen to be sitting on it. (Update: I finally got fed up with that chair and put it in the next room.)

  • No, my pliers isn't usually sitting on my keyboard. It's usually sitting just in front of my keyboard.

  • There's a lot of shrubbery outside the window of my bedroom...

  • At the time I constructed this, I had no idea why there was a Northeastern University water bottle in my house.

  • Don't worry, I drew these with my right hand.

  • Close-up of a doorknob. I will award one million bonus points to anyone who can draw an accurate map of my living room from this.

  • Bits of my face, and further evidence that I don't have a strong sense of which way is up.

  • I will award zero bonus points to anyone who can point out that this shelf isn't in my living room.

  • By the way, I don't eat Cheerios. (I think these ones were old, anyway...)

  • This time, you cannot see the doorknob. But trust me, it is there!

  • I don't drink from this cup either (and the bottom of it certainly isn't shaped like that.)

  • Yes, I have The Answers About Climate Change.

  • This is the last one. I ran out of time. (Those two sentences are both true, but they have nothing to do with each other.)